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I offer a full range of notary public services in Glasgow, notarial certificates, document notarisation, Apostille, Power of attorney, Affidavit. I provide the most competitive costs on Notarial services at my office in Glasgow and also provide a mobile Notary service.
I am available for out of hours and weekend appointments.
You can find my office with outside parking available.

The services a Notary Public provides

  • Notarised documents needed for students

    Student documentation

    I notarise a lot of documents for students, degrees, certificates, passports, applications, legal internship...

  • Matrimonial

    Divorce or dissolving a civil partnership in Scotland, Marriage certificates...

Getting your document notarised.
Legalisation with an Apostille

Occasionally you might need to use a Notary Public to certify or authorise a document.

This will often happen when the document needs to be used in another country.

A Notary is an individual who has the authority to authorise a document and certify its legitimacy so that it can be used in another country or indeed the UK.

  • Michael Ramsay

    You can find my office in the Maryhill area in the North of Glasgow, our Notary office has been established for over five years, I can also come to you, please enquire for further information on how a home or office can be arranged.


You may be able to claim Irish Citizenship. We have found ourselves regularly notarising documents for people who want to do this. If a grandparent was born on the Island of Ireland (North or South), you are eligible. You would first of all register eligibility for Irish Citizenship and then apply for a Passport. You will need to provide the Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates for people along the chain to the grandparent.

Changes of names or adoptions also need documented. You then simply apply to register as an Irish Citizen. It is at that stage that you might need a Notary Public. Once this has been granted you can apply for a Passport.

This costs about £70 for ten years and, again, you require a Notary Public at this stage. Normally the total cost of applying for Irish Citizenship and a Passport is about £500.

The process time for Citizenship is about six to eight months and a Passport about two months. It is certainly something worth thinking about and we can help you with the notarisation and certification of any documents or photographs.